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Oct. 12th, 2010 06:59 am
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Hello Dreamwidth. My name is Eardcwen and this is my journal. Initially it started as a place to keep track of my studies of Revival Druidry with the AODA, but it's become increasingly difficult to see a clear cut line from my spiritual practice and my daily life, so my journals are now amalgamating for the purpose of practicality. Luckily my inner organizational freak is sated with the use of a handy function here called filters!

I keep my journal under lock and key because I like to know who's reading. Simply leave a comment and I'll check out your journal. If we have similar interests, I'll likely add you to my access list.
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Just a random post to say... my limited my internet time (well, everyone's really..) at work. Boo. :(

I have to finally give in and put Bones up for adoption...

It is fucking cold!


... it's 6am and my housemate just got in for the night O_o
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All about me...
Leo Sun )


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Also, just a quick note to everyone who is watching this journal (or thinking of watching), I will be including my daily divination here.I haven't decided if I will compile them into a weekly post or post them individually on a daily basis, but they will be placed behind a cut to lessen the spamming you might get on your reading pages.

I will also be posting daily meditations that are more note worthy than others.
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- Meditation (minimum of 15 minutes)
- Sphere of Protection Ritual
- Daily rune pull or divination spread for at least 9 weeks (270 daily divinations minimum)


- Movement meditation (Yoga, most likely) at least twice a week
- Spending time in nature at least 15 minutes once a week
- Memorize a ritual for opening and closing magical space, and practice it at least once each week*


- Make at least 3 lifestyle changes for sustainability
- Write about holydays as they happen
- Read at least 3 books on divination and from them select at least 30 themes for meditation
- Read at least nine books on the natural history of the area in which you live & relate as much of this information as possible to your own experiences of nature.

(I am keeping a few aspects of the Magic spiral because I really think they’re applicable to my practice at this stage)

- Plant at least 1 tree in the year I am studying.
- Prepare a wand, cauldron, and crane bag*
- Magically prepare at least 3 stones with different intents*
- Perform at least nine other divinations, besides my daily readings, during my initiatory year
- Create a personal handbook of divination, writing out the meanings of each of the symbols in my divination method. (Half a page per symbol minimum)
- Write at least 3 pages on the importance of divination in Druidry
- Write at least 9 pages on the importance/significance of the Wheel of the Year

The books I have selected for the Divination Spiral are:

Nigel Pennick, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes

Diana L Paxson, Taking Up The Runes

Freya Aswynn, Northern Tradition Mysteries & Magick or something else… (I own the Aswynn book, but I don’t know if I really like it…)

Note: The * marked criteria are essentially optional, they are the parts of the Magic spiral that I really would like to incorporate into my practice now rather than waiting until my second degree.


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